There’s Already A Fan Made Rowlet Plush!

Pokemon fans are among some of the best fans in the world, it’s a weird franchise that’s still as emotional and compelling as it was when the first gen launched, and now in its 25th anniversary year the love seems stronger than ever.

CiGeY0qXAAAZ-dK.jpg large

Yesterday fans went crazy after getting a glimpse at the new starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon (set for a November 2016 release).

Fans can choose from Rowlet, a grass type owl Pokemon, Litten, a fire type kitten Pokemon, or Popplio, a water type sealion Pokemon, and they’re adorable as heck.

They’ve clearly captured people’s imaginations, and it didn’t take long before people started to upload their amazing fan art. This is the best looking generation of starters in years, and it’ll be one of the hardest choices yet! (Not really, one of them’s a cat).

It’s not just how beautiful and imaginative these pieces of fan art are, it’s that Nintendo only released the video of the new starters yesterday, so everything in the links above was created in less than 24 hours!

One fan however, Deviantart user Piquipauparro has gone a step further, by creating this adorable Rowolett plushie.


It’s absolutely perfect, and the entire pattern drafted, cut, sewn, stuffed and uploaded onto the internet less than A DAY after the first images were revealed!

have already decided who I’m going to choose
This cute little guy with his bowtie looks pretty promising :3
my favorite is grass type pokemon and i love owls
He was quite a quick little project i made for myself.
he is barely 4.5″ tall!
I should have taken a pic of his lovely leaf tail

Piquipauparro has been creating amazing custom plushies for years, and has made a huge array of Pokemon, How to Train ~Your Dragon and My Little Pony Plushiesk, and he takes commissions!


Pokemon fans are some of the most passionate, dedicated and creative fans I’ve ever come across, you can really feel the love for both the franchise and the upcoming game!


What Pokemon do youΒ  most want as a plushie?


Which starter is your favourite?


Let me know in the comments!




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