Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events gets its cast!

I was so excited when Netflix released this teaser for their upcoming original series based on Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events last year. It was packed full of references from the 13 books in the series, looked totally creepy and best of all, featured “Missed Me” from my teen-goth favourites The Dresden Dolls. I think a television series will have a much better chance of doing the books justice than the 2004 film did, which squeezed the first three books into one film.

Last month we heard that the amazing Neil Patrick Harris was top pick to play Count Olaf, and I hope we get to see him in the role, he’d be perfect in it! He can play creepy amazingly, as we saw in AHS: Freakshow last year.

Today Netflix announced who’ll be playing the Baudelaire orphans. Violet will be played byΒ Malina Weissman, who recently appeared as a young Supergirl in the recent t.v show, wheras Klaus will be played by newcomer Louis Hynes. Sunny, will likely be played by half a dozen different babies. With shark teeth.

The book series were previously adapted into a film in 2004, however it was less successful than hoped, and didn’t really do the source material justice. There was also that whole weird situation where Violet’s role was completely changed, she did nothing but get married to a weird old man and wait to be saved, rather than save her family herself.

The series writer Daniel Handler (pseudonym Lemony Snickett) wasn’t impressed either, as in his commentary on the DVD he says:

“And now Klaus is apparently running off to go and save Sunny. In the books of course it is Violet, but I know that Hollywood prefers its female actresses to do very little…”

Handler will be much more closely involved in the Netflix series, so hopefully we’ll see something truer to the books and a bit more bad-ass.

No word yet on when the series will air, but it’s thought the series will begin filming in March.


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