Alan Rickman passes away aged 69.

Alan Rickman, one of Britain’s greatest love film and theatre actors has passed away today, aged 69, after a battle with cancer.

His death was confirmed on Thursday, the 14th of January by his family, who said Rickman was “surrounded by family and friends”.

SICW is absolutely stunned by this news, not just because we’ve lost a hero, but because he was an actor who seemed so timeless. As if he’d always existed, and never aged, and would just always be around, making movies we love.


Rickman appeared in many, many critically acclaimed roles on both stage and screen, but is most beloved by us nerds for his roles in Dogma, Die Hard, Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, Galaxy Quest and of course Harry Potter.

Tributes are flooding in from his friends, colleagues and fans, including Eddie Izzard, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Warrick Davies, andΒ  J.K Rowling.

By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged.





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