Geeky Snowflake Patterns- From Star Wars to Game of Thrones, Easy Christmas Crafts!

SICW is getting ready for the festive season, today I’ve been making these amazing Game Of Thrones House Sigil Snowflakes!


Designed by Krystal Higgins, the PDFs are free to download, and are simple enough that the whole family can make them- all you need is scissors! There’s a pattern for each of GoT’s nine main houses sigils. She’s also created these gorgeous Game of Thrones Valentine heart patterns, if you’re feeling all lovey dovey.


If Game of Thrones isn’t your deal, try out these amazing Super Hero patterns from Comic Book Resources , featuring Iron Man, Storm, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and more- no Catwoman though unfortunately- hopefully next year!



For the braver of you, be sure to check out Anthony Herrera’s designs– he’s been posting collections of intricate Star Wars Snowflakes, from Jabba to X-Wings he’s designed it! He’s been releasing free snowflake PDFs since 2012, he’s even created a range of The Force Awakens snowflake patterns in time for Christmas.


Since then he’s also expanded his range to include Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy themed snowflakes!

If you’re lazy don’t worry, you can buy his awesome snowflakes as window stickers and save yourself the papercuts.

If you love Disney but can’t quite face the intricacies of Herrera’s ellaborate TIE Fighters, try the Mickey head silhouette pattern from  The Disney Family for with the little ones, or for a much spookier Disney design head to Instructables to learn how to recreate the spooky snowflake Jack Skellington makes in every teen goth’s favourite Christmas movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Main Street Mouse have also shared the adorable hand drawn Disney themed designs they have created, which include Lilo and Stitch, Sandy Claws and Santa Mickey.


For all the Whovians out there Epic Geekdom and Oodly Crafting have a ton of Dr Who themed patterns, with everything from weeping angels to the Tardis!


And don’t fret if your favourite fandom wasn’t mentioned! Check out Fool of a Toque for Stargate, How To Train Your Dragon and Sherlock designs, and head over to Delphic Digital to try your hand at their designs- which include The Lego Movie, The Big Bang Theory, Maleficent, Divergent, True Detective, Mad Men, The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead!



So get your scissors and craft knives out! Just don’t blame me for the blisters and papercuts!


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