The Irregular Choice Star Wars range launch and DIY alternative

The new Irregular Choice Star wars collection launched today, and at the time of writing this half of the 14 pairs of shoes in the line have already sold out.

The range is available to buy here, featuring Chewbacca themed UGG style boots

“CHUGG BOOTS” -Geddit?

And their signature 3D “Concept Heels”, this time featuring R2-D2, Darth Vadar, Lightsabers, Yoda and Stormtroopers.

I love them, and I’d happily have them all, but with many already gone forever, and the less than modest price of between £110 and £275 I doubt I’ll be ordering myself a pair, but I’ve collected some of my favourite Star Wars inspired shoe tutorials that I may try my hand at to ease the pain!

I won’t lie, this tutorial by Mikeasaurus is way beyond my skill set and I’ll probably never attempt it, by oh my Glob, just behold the freaking majesty of them!

The heel is pretty much identical to the now sold out Irregular Choice R2-D2 shoes, but do the Irregular Choice ones turn your feet into your favourite droid and LIGHT UP?! No. No they don’t.

More realistic projects I’ve found include these painted R2-D2 Toms from iLoveToCreate

Tthese gorgeous graphic Darth Vader Vans from Twin Dragonfly Designs

These hand painted C-3PO and R2-D2 dolly shoes from doodlecraft

And these decoupaged heels from Scruffy DIY Friday at Set to Stunning


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